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“With a tireless attitude I won over cancer, despite the multiple recurrences” -  V.V. Mokashi, Cancer Winner

Advanced & Recurrent Cancer . 05 Nov 2017

Team HCG


I hail from Belgaum where managing a farm, working in the sun and rain with fellow farmers to reap the best harvest every year is a relentless process. For the passion of farming, fields would be my work arena which requires immense attention, energy and being active. Agriculture forms the backbone of the economy in India and being an agriculturist, I could not afford to be indolent.  My body indicated something unusual with persistent issues like hoarse voice, neck pain, and trouble in breathing, but all these initial symptoms of Thyroid Cancer were mistaken for issues of old age. But as it progressed, the conditions started deteriorating and that is when I decided to seek medication.

On visiting HCG cancer centre, I was examined and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the year 2000. The Doctors explained me the treatment course, further to which I underwent total thyroidectomy treatment. My histopathology reports revealed Papillary carcinoma Thyroid.

I had to undergo total Thyroidectomy, which is the complete removal of the thyroid gland and followed by the first dose of Radioiodine therapy. However, that was not the end. Cancer continued to invade my lifetime and again. I had multiple recurrences in 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2009 for which I was subjected to multiple surgeries and radioiodine treatments, for multiple times.

In May 2015, I had issues in breathing and noticed a change in voice. I was immediately evaluated through a PET CT Scan which showed lesion in the paratracheal area, infiltrating my trachea. Being the specialist in cancer care, HCG has a holistic approach towards treating advanced cases, like mine. A team of Multi-disciplinary doctors discussed my case and keeping in view the constraint of the post radioiodine and acute symptoms all the options for treatment. Doctors at HCG Cancer Centre, Bangalore suggested me to undergo Cyberknife, which is a non-invasive procedure. It is faster, highly precise, painless and bloodless treatment of cancerous tumors with minimal toxicity. It not only destroys the cancerous cells and shrink their growth through a precise beam of high-dose radiation but also prevents them from proliferating.

Post five days of treatment, clinically the symptoms like difficulty breathing and hoarseness of voice had minimised.  I was back to life within a short span of time, free of the disease. After the relentless encounters with cancer, HCG helped the 67-year-old agriculturist to lead a normal life, catering to my farm - harvests, and poultry for 2 years now. I continue to visit HCG for a routine check-up, periodically, to be ensured of my good health.