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While cancer may be complex, its treatment requires a planned and integrated approach for the best possible outcomes.
What is a Multidisciplinary Team?
A multidisciplinary team is a panel of specialists, with expertise in specific fields, who are brought together for each case. This panel of experts works in synergy, to ensure that comprehensive opinion is available, to guide each patient through diagnosis, treatment and recovery, and make sure that the patients who need several different therapies for treatment, receive advice on the ideal combination. This synergistic approach means that the patients benefit from the combined expertise of multiple cancer specialists.
What we do at HCG?
Every Tuesday, a team of HCG experts meets to discuss and contribute their years of expertise to address the most critical and complex cases from across the HCG Network. This gives the patient, not just one specialist’s perspective on treatment, but that of a team of specialists, who carry out in-depth exploration of all documents and medical history. It is only after that, that a comprehensive, holistic report is created for the patient, on the best possible treatment plans and outcomes that would suit the case.