Our comprehensive cancer care centre HealthCare Global (HCG) has all the facilities and departments under one roof - surgical, radiation, medical oncology and diagnostic facilities.

The surgical oncology department comprises a team of highly qualified, trained and experienced surgical oncologists. The group, though divided by sub-speciality, uses a team approach in the treatment of patients. Outcomes are on par with that of leading international cancer institutes. The focus is on offering a better quality of life to cancer patients with consideration for cosmesis and rehabilitation, coupled with shorter hospital stays.

Being at the forefront of cancer care involves pioneering innovative treatment methods as well as the introduction of technology that aids medical experts. HCG has led the pack on both counts by introducing TrueBeam, India's first advanced radiation therapy system with multileaf. It delivers precise tumour targeting, while lowering toxicity and improving outcomes. For oncology thought leaders, it allows pioneering new treatment that goes beyond today's clinical norms. For patients, it means the short road to life back as usual.