Digital Mammogram

Breast cancer is a growing risk amongst women and even men. In India, 1 out of 22 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Although there is a fear of being diagnosed with breast cancer, there is also hope in fighting it away. The advances in prevention, early detection and treatment procedures have resulted in better survival rates. The digital mammogram offers a highly safe and accurate, low-dose X-ray photograph of the breast. Mammograms can be a woman's most effective defense against breast cancer.


What is Mammogram? Mammograms come as film mammograms. A film mammogram uses a specialised camera to take pictures of each breast from two different directions. Digital mammograms or digital mammography, are safe and highly accurate and use the same technique as film mammography except that the image is recorded directly onto a computer. The image captured can then be enlarged or highlighted.


Mammograms detect lumps that are even less than 5 mm in size and they require only a minimal amount of X-ray dosage. The time taken for the test is minimal too and the result, accurate.