Skyra 3 Tesla

This piece of cutting-edge technoloy allows clinicians to get an enhanced diagnosis which aids in deciding an optimal course of treatment and results in better outcomes. The Skyra 3 Tesla MRI incorporates Tim (Total imaging matrix) and Dot (Day optimising throughput) technology. In simple terms, this allows uniquely tailored and optimised scans that can be configured to the patient's condition or a clinical question. It also allows higher spatial and temporal resolution without having to reposition the patient.

The Skyra 3T MRI is used in neuro-surgery (surgical planning), tractography, functional MRI and high resolution anatomical data.


The Skyra 3T MRI offers high signal to noise ratio which translates into better quality images. It has faster scan times and 3-dimensional data in every body region, for every contrast available. Better exploitation of the magnetic properties of blood and other tissues allows for diagnostic imaging of superior quality. For the patients there is no sedation required, there's more space to put claustrophobic patients at ease and motion correction for uncooperative patients. It can accommodate patients with special needs - pain and mobility issues, obesity, respiratory problems etc.